Activities & What do

In Phu Quoc Island the best activity to do is relax on white beaches!!! Obviously there are many activities in Phu Quoc that you can enjoy.


Explore the Island on a Motorbike

Explore Phu Quoc riding a motorbike could be a cool experience but be ware because many roads are raw. You can easily rent a scooter in the island in many hotels. You can reach the Suoi Tranh waterfall; go to Duong Dong city to see the fish sauce factories; Bai Sao considered the best beach situated in the east coast; and see small fishing villages in the way to Dai beach.

National Park

The national park that cover the 70 % of the island, has been created to sustain the nature environment, by the Vietnamese government. The national park is the paradise for many species like langurs, macaques, loris, otters, hornbills and fruit bats that live in the luxuriant jungle that you can explore booking a tour. be aware to visit the park when is raining.

Scuba Diving

In Phu Quoc you can find some dive sites around the island; most suggest to go to An Thoi archipelago very close to Phu Quoc where you can see coral reefs and many colourful fishes, but you’ll not find for example large fishese and/or manta.


Phu Quoc is a good place to do snorkeling with its clear water. You also can book daily tours to nearest islets. For example An Thoi archipelago is composed from 12 islands where snorkeling is very beautiful. 

Top 10 Things to do in Phu Quoc

1) List of Temples and Pagodas


There are many temples and pagodas to visit in Phu Quoc, here a list of main temples: Dinh Cau Temple, Cao Dai Temple, Nguyen Trung Truc Temple, Su Muong pagoda, Sung Hung Pagoda, Ho Quoc Pagoda, Sung Duc Pagoda, Phap Quang Pagoda and Dinh Ba Temple.

2) Fish Sauce Factory

Fish Sauce Factory

There are many fish sauce factories in Phu Quoc, but onky four of theme allow tourists to visit. One is located in An Thoi Town and the other three are in Duon Dong. Here names and address of these 4 fish sauce factories: Khai Hoan (Hung Vuong Street, Duong Dong Town, tel: 077848555); Hung Thinh (Khu Pho 3 , Duong Dong, tel: 077846124); Nam Huong (is near to Sao Beach, An Thoi Town, close to Coconout Prison, tel: 077844003); Red Boat Fish Sauce ( Duong Dong Town)

3) Scenic Towns and Villages

Ham Ninh Village

Ham Ninh Village

Here a list of towns and villages that we suggest to visit: Duong Dong Town, An Thoi Town, Ham Ninh Village, Gan Dau Village, Cua can Village, Thom Village, Rach Vem Village, Rach Tram Village, Hon Thom Village.

4) Pepper Plantation

black pepper plantations phu quoc

As we told you, Phu Quoc is famous for his black pepper, and you can visit 3 plantations in Duong Dong, there are no tours but you can visit plantations and than you can buy pepper. The government will expand plantations from 5,00 ha to 1,000 ha in the 2020.

5) Phu Quoc Prison

Phu Quoc Prison

The Phu Quoc prison is called Coconut tree Prison is located in An Thoi Town that ws used by French and later by Americans. During the vietnam war, on this prison more than 40,000 north vietnamese soldiers has been tortured. Now the prison is a museum and in 2015 became special national heritage site in Vietnam. Price to enter is 3,000 VND per person and the visit will take about 40 minutes. Tourists also can go through underground escape tunnel.

6) Cho Duong Dong Market

Cho Duong Dong Market

Located in Duong Dong is the largest market in Phu Quoc Island. IS the best place to find fresh fruits and seafood, but also meats, eggs, sweets. It also offer variety of street food. Visit it before sunset or after sunrise will be the best time to visit it.

7) Cua Can Wooden Bridges

Cua Can Wooden Bridges 2

Located at north of Duong Dong, you can see the typical wooden bridges in Cua Can. Not much time remain to see these bridges that will be put down on next future.

8)  An Thoi Archipelago

An Thoi Archipelago

You can ennoy and visit this amazing archipelago of An Thoi. It is composed by these most popular islands: Hon Mong tay, Hon Kim Qui, Hon Thom, Hon Dua, Hon Roi, Hong Dam Ngoai, Hon May Rut and Hon Vong. This area is rich of macro and micro life as this area is located in turbid and nutrient waters. So you can enjoy a tour on these many islands.

9) Rock Garden


Located in Ham Ninh Town, Rock Garden is a scenary of granite rocks situated in clean water!

10) Duong Dong Lake and Dam

Duong Dong Lake and Dam

The lake ensure fresh water and electric power to the island and are located in the center of the island near the Da Ban Stream.