Vietnam’s Bank Ban Bitcoin Payments

Bitcoin is the currency most discussed this year! Now a Bitcoin reached value of over 6000 $, many countries are banned Bitcoin but many others are trusting Bitcoin!

So who has the fault?!

Last news about Bitcoin in Vietnam is that the Central bank banned Bitcoin and others cryptocurrencies as payments method.

The reason of this ban is that Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are decentralized so are not reguleted by banks.

So in Vietnam will be illegal use Bitcoin and crypto from the next year, and penalities go from 6600 $ to 8800 $!

While Vietnam banned Bitcoin, other country as Japan make Bitcoin as official currency. Every day on google you can find lot of news and guide about Bitcoin, also in Italy bitcoin is now famous and many guide online on how to invest in Bitcoin as the guide that we found “Come investire in Bitcoin” is a usefull guide for italian people.

So why some countries are agree and others not?

This is  a mistery!

For example at Hanoi University allowed students to pay for tuition in Bitcoin, but now this will be illegal if they continue to use bitcoin as payments.

Also credit institutions stopped offering cryptocurrencies services.


Explore the beauty of the Phu Quoc in this vacation

Phu Quoc Vietnam  a beautiful Vietnamese gem located in the Gulf of Thailand. This beautiful island fascinates a huge number of travelers and also the southern region of Vietnam. This island offers beautiful beaches and is packed with natural charms and landscapes. The island is more well-known for its mountainous middle and densely covered jungle.

Reaching to this island is very easy and affordable. There are flights to this island which are not much expensive. You can get also affordable hotels in this island which are convenient and close to beach.

There is a market place also known as night bazaar located in the township of Duong Dong. Travelers can enjoy shopping in this destination as this market offers amazing handicrafts to purchase for loved ones. This place also offers a wide range of eating options. Pearls are one of the most popular shopping items of this island.

The beaches offered in this island are unique and extraordinary. You can find rush in some beaches such as Long Beach, on the other hand other beaches are quite isolated. Some of the hotels also provide their tourists their own private stretch of sand. One of the most stunning isolated beaches is found at Bai Dai. Various water activities are offered in this destination and became paradise for scuba divers. Travelers can enjoy the underwater life with scuba diving. Most hotels and resorts also arrange squid fishing for their guests

Travelers can explore this beautiful island with motorcycle tours. It is the best and easy way of transport of this destination. Guests can lease motorbikes in affordable prices for each day. The roads in this destination not very tough to remember and are well maintained. Locals are also very helpful in this location.

Explore the unspoiled beauty of Phu Quoc Island in this vacation

Phu Quoc Island, a beautiful island discovered in the year of 2014 located on the lands of Vietnam. Incredible beauty of nature was bestowed in this island which fascinates large number of tourists towards it every year. Those tourists who love to explore new and unspoiled locations than this was an ideal destination for them. This beautiful island was freshly discovered so most of the locations are still remain untouched by the human as a result adventure lover can enjoy best in this destination.

This destination offers a lot of activities for the tourist coming in. The island offer wonderful beaches covered with white sand and blue water which create a great combination. There are amazing landscapes offered in this island for the explorers to enjoy their vacation in this destination. Some of the remarkable beaches and landscapes in this destination are Sao Beach, Bai Thom Beach and. The Phu Quoc national park covers almost half of the area of this island and delivers home to a vast range of wildlife.

The climatic condition remains promising all through the year. The idealistic period of time to visit this island is in between the month of December to the month of May as these are the dry months of this island. During this period of time the sky remains clear and offers a great atmosphere to sit in the beautiful beaches and relax. From the month of June to the month of November the island obtains an ample amount of rainfall. During this period of time the island offers mesmerizing views of nature as the rainfall makes the whole island look green.

Two traditional products are very much famous in this island they are fish sauce and black pepper as pepper cultivation is also done in this island. Recently pearl are abundantly found in this island as many farms were established in these locations which harvest some of the finest pearls.

Explore the unspoiled beauty of the Phu Quoc

In this vacation travel and explore some amazing beaches of Phu Quoc Island. This island was explored and had become visitor location in the past few years. So most of the part in this island are isolated and rarely visited. Travelling to this destination will be the most adventurous trip of your life.

This beautiful destination was located in the southeast coast of Vietnam and very close to the Cambodian border. The adjacent landmass cities are Rach Gia and Ha Tien. There is a direct flight from Ho Chi Minh City to this destination before making a plan check the schedule for return flight. Doung Dong town is a small located next to the airport on this destination but during summers this town becomes very dusty. Scuba diving lovers will love to stay in this place. Towards the southern tip of the island another town is located named as An Thoi. This location is good for fishing and exploring some islands of the southern tip.

Even though the destination is very countryside there are abundant activities for the exploratory travelers. There are plenty of diving options in this destination such as National Geographic Dive Centre, a PADI 5 Star IDC, Rainbow Divers and many more. Trekking is also very much common in this destination. The young generation and the hardiest tourist crowd attracts towards the northern third of the island which offers mountains, unoccupied and very stunning. The highest point of this island was the Mount Chua and it is 603 m high from the ground level. Over 77,000 acres of land has been conserved for Phu Quoc National Park; the park has a rich ecosystem because it is home to Himalayan, Burmese and Malaysian species. Travelers can enjoy hiking and camping in this Park.

Travelling around the island is very easy if you rent a motorcycle in this destination and they are easily available in the hotels or in any tourist shops. It is the safest means of transport to explore the beauty of this destination

Get into the beautiful island of Con Dao to have an amazing vacation

Con Dao Island is the hidden gemstone along the countries shoreline. For a long time Con Son, the largest of the islands, was Vietnam’s Robben Island. Used as a penal colony by both the Americans and the French, the dilapidated remains of the prisons, including the notorious Tiger Cages, serve as a stark reminder of the cruelty of the times. Many of those killed in the prisons were buried at Hang Duong Cemetery. The famous war of Vietnam was heroine, which was executed on the island in 1952.

Now Con Dao becoming a leading light in the country’s eco-tourism industry. Several of their beaches are the breeding grounds for the endangered Green Turtle. Each year from April to November, turtles return to the beaches where they were born to hatch their own offspring. More than 50000 hatchings make their way into the sea. The National Park Authority organizes travel around to the breeding grounds on Bay Canh Island which also offers overnight stays. The most excellent time to see these turtles is from the month of June to July.

This marine park also offers a prosperous marine life, with more than 1300 species which includes 342 species of hard coral. Travelers can enjoy the best snorkeling and diving on the off Coast of Hon Ba Island. You can dive around Bay Canh where you can explore the marine life with turtle watching. The ideal time to get into this destination was from March to May.

Con Dao is also home to a rare species of this destination named as dugong. These rare animals can be seen in the main Bay of Con Son also for some period of time. The best time to see those endangered species from the month of December and to the end of the month of January.

Get you vacation planned to the beautiful Cat Ba Island

The province of Vietnam offers a beautiful island named as Cat Ba Island. It is one of the largest islands in the archipelago which consist 366 more islands. The major part of this island was covered with national parks. Which means larger part of this land was offering green forests which gives shelter to wide range of animals. From which some of them are endangered species of this location such as the Cat Ba Langur, civet cats, golden headed langurs, giant squirrels, and many more. Tourists who are having love for wildlife they can enjoy the most in this island.

Tourists enjoy the most in this island as this destination offers a wide range of places to visit and explore. One of the most famous places of this destination was Cat Ba national park, which covers the major part of this island and offer various endangered species of this location. More than 282 types of animals and birds are moving freely in this park as this park offers a natural home to them. In this park tourists get an opportunity to go close to the wildlife in and can explore their way of living with an adventurous trip. This island also offers another historic location to explore named as hospital cave.

The beaches offered in this island are ideal place to sit and relax from the busy scheduled life. It also offers various water activities for the tourists such as diving, kayaking, swimming and snorkeling. The island also offers amazing restaurants in the sea shore to enjoy amazing tradition seafood of this location.

There are several means of transport offered in this island to move freely and easily such as cycles, motorbike, minibus, and boats. The best option was to hire a motorbike or cycle to explore this island freely. Minibuses are the local means of transport as a result it will take more time to travel from one destination to another.

Top Attractions in Vietnam

Are you planning for a vacation?If yes,then you might be in search of a fun things to carry out.After spending long hours in your office,you should make sure that the vacation is worthwhile.One of the best way of spending your holiday is nothing, but going on a trip.If you are in search of a place where you can enjoy properly ,then Halon Bay is the best place.This beautifull place is located at the northeastern part of Vietnam and can be reached by means of the car .There are many attractions in this bay.If you seriously wish to escape from this modern world,then visiting this place is a wise decision.The Bay is included in the list of UNESCO world heritage.It has become one of the famous tourist spots in the world today.Apart from this Vietnam also offers various other places like,

Floating Villages

Yeah, it may sound odd, but it’s true. There are a large number of villages in the sea. If you are interested in visiting this village, then you should take a tour to Halong Bay and you can find numerous people staying in those houses .If you are interested, then you can also spend a night in these houses as in these islands you can find a wide number of home stays at an affordable price.

Bon Hon Island’s Virgin Cave

This is a famous cave in the Halong Bay and it is popular because of the presence of the shrine. And behind the origin of the cave lies a number of stories and legends. There was a legend who had claimed that a woman took her life in that cave as she was forced to marry an old Mandarin. And her body was turned into a stone .Similary, it has been said by another legend that a Mandarin forced a girl to marry him as her father was in dept and

unable to pay. The girl anyhow escaped, but the girl body was found on the island and was buried in the same place. Thus a small shrine was built there.

Cat Ba Island

This is a famous destination and a beautiful attraction for the tourists. It is famous for the number of caves and a large number of endangered species like Cat Ba langur. Apart from this, it comprises of restaurants, bars and hotels, where one can relax after visiting the island.

Thus, these are the top attractions of Vietnam. If you ever get a chance to visit Vietnam, then visting Cat Ba Island is a must. Are you interested to visit this place? If yes, then contact Phu Quoc Island OFFICIAL WEBSITE. Here, flight as well as accommodation can be booked in advanced. And also you can get information on various cities, places, accommodation of Vietnam. To know more, click here

Few Things to Carryout and See in Cat Ba Islands

Are you seeking for the most amazing things to carry out in the Cat Ba island? If you are interested, then do a thorough research on the internet to find out what are the things that are done there. Anyways, there are few most important activities to carry out there that include the following.

Swimming at the Cat co Beach

In this island ,there are crowded beaches which include Cat Co 1,Cat co 2 and Cat Co 3. Cat Co is 1 the largest beaches. The other two are quite smaller and peaceful. All of the three are connected by means of a trail with each other. From the town center, visitors can walk or rent a motor bike to visit any of the beaches. Swimming is considered to be the main activity in these beaches.

Exploring cannon fort

Here you can attain experiences about the history of the Vietnam. This is one of the panoramic views in the entire Vietnam. Especially, the top of the landmark is the best place where you can watch the beautiful scenery of the jungle clad hills in the Cat Ba island. One can reach the entrance of the fort within 10 mins from the Cat Ba Town.

Viisting the Lan Ha Bay

While travelling to the Cat Ba island ,it is wise to rent a boat and spend few days and explore the charming beauty. Lan Ha lies to the south of Halong Bay and is quite same to this world heritage site. It is full of rocky mountains. From the boat you can find various islets of unique shapes. Here ,one can gain a good experience of the kayaking.

Visiting to Monkey Island

This island is an indispensable spot. Here,you can find a playful herd of monkeys. You can also select Cat Dua Beach or you can opt for a diving tour in the beach so that you can explore the island.You can also opt for scuba diving which will be guided by a dive instructor.

Cai Beo Fishing Village

In Cat Ba,this is a famous fishing village. Here you can find a wide range of boats available. These boats take guests to explore the tranquil and charming water. This is considered to be the most ancient fishing village of Vietnam.

Cat Ba National Park

This is considered as the most interesting place to visit in this island .Located on the road to the centre of the cat Ba island, this place is a perfect place for the tourists.

Thus ,these are few things that can be seen in this island .If you are willing to visit this places then contact Phu Quoc Island OFFICIAL WEBSITE. This website offers details on this island. You can get a flight ticket in this website and also you can book accommodation in advance. To know more, visit this link

Five Most Essential Things to Carry Out in Cat Ba Island

Are you thinking of going to about Cat Ba Island?Well it lies in the South of Ha Long Bay land heritage in Vietnam.It comprises of three hundred and sixty seven islands,located in the beautiful Lan Ha Bay.This island is also known as the Peral Island of Vietnam. Apart from all these things, it is considered to be the biggest island among the 1969 islands located in the Ha Long Bay.If you visit this beautiful island, you can get a chance to carry out a lot of things. What are they? Any guesses? Well, below given are few things that one can do in Cat Ba island.


If anyone wants to go to this island from Cat Ba town, then they can go by means of foot or motorbike. This island is a small size, clean island. Few of its beaches like Co1 is quite spacious as well as crowded while other beaches like Co 2 and Co 3 are limited as well as quiet. Swimming is the best activity that one can do on this island.

Visiting Thien Long Cave

This cave is located about 2 hours by boat from Phu Long wharf. This cave has been discovered since 1997.This cave is one among the beautiful caves in Ha Long Bay.This is deep with various shaped stalactites. It comprises of salt lakes and ponds ,which is rich in marine biodiversity.

Exploring Quan Y grotto

Here, Quan Y refers to the Army medical care. This name is given from the war time when the people of Vietnam built a hospital with a large number of beds inside this grotto. This is located at a distance of 13 kms from the center of the island.

Trip to monkey island

This place comprises of a large number of monkeys. Here, the beaches are considered as the most beautiful beaches. One can find various mountain ranges which can create a great picture and can leave a long lasting impression in your mind.

Sightseeing of Cat Ba National Park

This is a biosphere Reserve comprises of a diverse eco system of flora and fauna.Here,one can have a tour by riding bicycle in the forest .Even you can get an opportunity to taste the natural products such as honey,tea,etc.

Thus,these are some of the essential things that one can do on this beautiful island. Would you like to have a trip to this island? If interested then search for various website that offer information on this island. Phu Quoc Island OFFICIAL WEBSITE is one of them. It provides a lot of knowledge on this island that can help you to travel to this island easily. From this website you can know about near by cities, beaches, travel tickets, accommodation, etc. To know more, click here

Four Important Attractions of Con Dao Island That One Should Visit

Con Dao Island, one of the beautiful island is famous for its natural beauty. Whenever anyone travels to the beautiful island, they get dipped themselves in the magnificent landscapes and refresh their taste buds with the yummy sea foods available there. So, are you planning to have a trip to this beautiful island? If you are one of those people who are keenly interested in visiting this destination then there are various places that you should visit. Some of them are as follows.

  • Tai Islet

In this islet, you can find various sea birds, lizards, geckos, white squirrels, etc. Apart from this one can get a chance to taste some delicious sea foods.

  • Bay Canh Islet

This is considered to be the second largest islets in the entire archipelago of Con Dao. Every year tourists find thousands of turtles laying eggs, which may offer you an unforgettable experience. The whole island is rich is flora and fauna and is surrounded by tropical forests.

  • Cau Islet

This islet is popular for its pristine beauty, healthy environment and also for the conservation of sea turtles. This is the only island which is having ground water. Here,the tourist can discover not only the natural landscape, but also the blue sea water.

  • Con Dao Prison

This is the most popular place in Con Dao. Here, you can know a lot of things about the fierce war period. The prison located here can reflect the violent history of the country. It is a must visit place for the history loving people.

Thus, these are the top four attractions in this island. If you get an opportunity to visit this island in your life, then do not forget to visit these places. It is sure that you will love these places .Do you want to know more about this island? If yes ,then contact Phu Quoc ISLAND OFFICIAL WEBSITE. It deals with each and every information about this island. It offers information on nearby destinations, activities to carry out, accommodations, tours, etc. Apart from this, it deals with accommodation facilities and travel tickets. So, if you are travelling to this island, then there is no need of getting worried. You can find detailed information here .You can book both your flight ticket as well as can book your favourite hotel by sitting at the comfort of your home. Would you like to book them in advance? Click here

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