Con Co Island

Discover And Explore The Untouched Natural Beauty Of Con Co

Completely surrounded by water, very close to the Quang Tri Province, the small Con Co island  is considered to be one of the most lifelike locations to visit. The untouched beauty of nature composes the 80% of the island, offering many different plants and trees to your sight. A peculiar history follows the creation of the island, which caused the majestic scenery and rich flora to emerge due to volcano activities, which now make this island one of the most beautiful places to see. Next to the rich flora, this island has a very rich marine life, seeing as it is the home of 224 saltwater fish species, and even two endangered crab species, which are strictly protected. Completely surrounded by the ocean on the outside, and dominated by raw nature on the inside, this little island has much more to offer than you can see at first glance, which makes it a perfect destination.

It has a remarkable diversity

One of the most important historical relics that are worth visiting is the 20 km long military tunnel, which stands as proof that many soldiers have sacrificed their lives to protect the island. Although the tourism isn’t exactly flourishing at Con Co, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t beautiful sights to see. From majestic scenery that has managed to stand the test of time and remain evergreen, to the amazing diversity of different species that can be identified, this is a valuable geologic and biologic interest point that is certainly worth witnessing in person. Plenty of the boat tours that are functional in the area are probably going to make a stop and let you briefly visit this island, but if you have enough time for yourself, be sure to stay for a little while. Although from the touristic standpoint, there aren’t many points of interest that you could visit, the majestic scenery and the lush are going to be breathtaking enough and completely worth seeing.

The beauty of nature is unmatched

Although the island of Con Co doesn’t have much to provide in terms of accommodation and entertainment, it still doesn’t take away from its natural beauty. Don’t expect this island to stay the way it currently is, though. The local authorities will be investing sufficient funds that will allow the construction of infrastructure on the island, which is going to improve the quality of life and also give the tourists another reason to stop by and visit this hidden gem among the majestic islands. For hundreds of years, the island has been going through transformation. From a lonely, desolate spot surrounded by the ocean, to the formation of majestic beaches, the Con Co island owes all of its beauty to nature. The roads are easy to travel by, and you absolutely have to make sure to see at least one sunset on the island. You can always occupy yourself by visiting one of the beaches, where you can enjoy hours of swimming or sunbathing, but hiking or bike riding through the area present themselves as equally immersive activities you can easily arrange.