Useful Information

Some useful informations

  • Time zone: GMT +7 Stdn
  • Currency : Dong
  • Visa:From 2014 you can fly direct with Vietnam Airlines from Singapore, and Siem Reap and visa for Vietnam is not required for this flight. Phu Quoc island is now visa free for up to 30 days. It’s valid if you fly via Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh not leaving the transit area or if you fly direct to Phu Quo. If passenger leave the transit area, you need visa except Japan, Russia, Korea, Scandinavian countries and Asean for 15 days visit. If you need to enter in Vietnam you can ask visa for up to 30 days and you can request this online to that will cost 18 US dollars and than 45 US dollars on arrival at airport in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh. Maybe in coming future will be visa free for tourists also from Australia, France, Germany, UK and India.
  • AC plugs: US and  Euro plug; in bigger hotels also british plug
  • Vaccinations: not need, but consider of malaria risk, if you do jungle trecking
  • Phu Quoc inhabitants: 70000
  • Religion: 80% without confession (officially), 9% buddhists, 8% christians
  • Capital: Duong Dong
  • Area: 568 qkm

In Phu Quoc there is no money exchange at the airport so we raccomended that you bring Dong money because you’ll need to pay the phu quoc island entry tax of 20000 Dong and more less 140000 for a taxi from phu quoc airport to your hotel.

Vietnamese language

People in Phu Quoc Island know only some words english nut they are friendly. Some vietnamese words you can easy learn: Hello: seen jao; Bye: tam bjet; Thank You: gam an; The bill please: lam an tin tien